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iPhone skins are out from Decal Girl August 7, 2007

Posted by Vasudevan in Technology news.
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Decarl Girl announced the launch of skins for iPhone. They are the first to offer this for iPhone.

op Online :: Apple iPhone Skins

Waited in line to get a new iPhone? Protect and personalize it
with a full-color DecalGirl skin kit. Each glossy, high-resolution
skin is made with pride right in the USA and features the same
innovative construction that we’ve become known for over the
past four years. Complete the package with one of our Screen
Armor screen protectors – available in both matte and gloss

Each skin comes with a special access code printed on the
packaging that will allow you to get a free matching wallpaper
to complete the new look!

iPhone Crystal Screen Armor (Gloss)

iPhone Crystal Screen Armor (Matte)

iPhone Ultra Screen Armor (Matte)

iPhone Ultra Screen Armor (Gloss)


iPhone Skin – Abduction

iPhone Skin – Absolute Power

iPhone Skin – Accident

iPhone Skin – Aerial


iPhone Skin – Aloha Black

iPhone Skin – Aloha Blue

iPhone Skin – Aloha Pink

iPhone Skin – Amoebic


iPhone Skin – Analysis

iPhone Skin – Anarchist

iPhone Skin – Apocalypse Blue

iPhone Skin – Apocalypse Green


iPhone Skin – Apocalypse Pink

iPhone Skin – Apocalypse Red

iPhone Skin – Apocalypse Violet

iPhone Skin – Arabian Night


iPhone Skin – Atomic

iPhone Skin – Baseball

iPhone Skin – Beholder

iPhone Skin – Benjamins

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Like.com CEO says "iPhone Sucks” August 7, 2007

Posted by Vasudevan in My thoughts, Technology news.
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All these days we were praising iPhone! I was waiting for a bad review on iPhone, and I got one atlast!

Hey… the review is not from any tom/dick/harry, but from Munjal – The man I LIKE a lot.

I know I’m swimming against the tide on this one, but hey with the
India reverse outsourcing I’m on a roll lately… ;-).  I am
giving up my iPhone and going back to my Blackberry.  Those of you
who know me know I love everything Apple.  I personally own 4 Macs
at my house, one AppleTV, two apple LCDs, and 3 ipods.  So I am
certified Steve Jobs fan. 


However, this iPhone just sucks.  Before you say I didn’t give
it a chance.  I did.  I used it for 35 days as my primary
phone.  As a business user it just doesn’t work for me.  Here
is why:

Read the full story…

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Geodesic launches Mundu IM for iPhone August 2, 2007

Posted by Vasudevan in Technology news.
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Geodesican Indian product company – launched a safari based Instant Messenger under its brand name Mundu this evening. Besides its interoperable nature, the design and usability is specifically made for iPhone, and deserves many rounds of applause. I’ve tried Meebo, the most popular interoperable web IM, but it’s not intuitive for an iPhone user. This is where Mundu IM scores with its UI and the result is a brilliantly made IM for iPhone.

Mashable reported few day back that no good IM is available for iPhone and they are awaiting the launch of a ‘usable’ IM for iPhone. Looks like Geodesic fills that vacuum comfortably with Mundu IM – iPhone edition and the rest is with the iPhone users.

It’s certainly worth trying out as it allows you to connect at Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, and AIM IM services simultaneously. Check out their product website for more details.

iPhone users, if you want to try Mundu IM on your iPhone, visit http://iphone.mundu.com. Unfortunately, the IM is not available for PC web users as if you try to access this url, it will redirect the user to the product website.

And at the end, the Mundu IM – iPhone edition is completely free!

Hope the half million iPhone users will now have a great experience chatting with their loved ones one their iPhone, at last!

Some screenshots from their website:

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