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Palm launches new product series – Foleo May 31, 2007

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All these days I wasn’t sure how good business, strategy, and marketing guy I am. Now it’s clear to me that I’m very good at it and I should move on in my life than chain myself in a place where my voice and ideas disappears without even a thanking note!

I’ve come out with a new product concept for mobile computing and Palm is almost near to that with their new product offering – Foleo.

As usual, my idea was told to be crap and scrapped. I’m sick of this!





eBay aquires Stumble Upon May 31, 2007

Posted by Vasudevan in Technology news.
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Mike at TechCrunch reports that eBay acquires one of the most talked web 2.0 company – StumbleUpon – yesterday. The deal is US $75 million full in cash. This brings no change to StumbleUpon except that eBay’s Michael Buhr, who will serve as general manager for the product.

I love StumbleUpon. Not just the product, but their business model. They make money through an innovative advertisement program as one could submit their website to StumbleUpon and the same will be shown to the target users as per the advertiser’s choice. Amazing!

StumbleUpon has grown massively in the last 10-12 months. It has over 2.3 million registered users, serve 5 million daily recommendations, and are experiencing a 150% year over year growth rate.


Livescribe Launches New Mobile Computing Platform May 31, 2007

Posted by Vasudevan in Technology news.

NY Times reports that LiveScribe developed a all new pen based computing device which may lead to a paradigm shift in the way people use computers and Internet.

Jim Marggraff, an entrepreneur with a long string of successful innovations, say he thinks he has figured out the secret of pen computing — and he has done it by playing with toys.

Mr. Marggraff, a longtime executive at the toy maker LeapFrog, is the inventor behind a string of talking books, smart pens and other educational toys that have made their way into millions of American homes.

His new company, Livescribe, which he plans to introduce today at the D: All Things Digital technology conference in Carlsbad, Calif., has taken some of those technologies several steps further. It has created an ambitious new type of pen-based computer system that, if successful, could bridge the gap between paper and the digital world and perhaps even change the way millions of people interact with the Internet.


The pen, he said, will revolutionize the way millions of students take notes. To demonstrate, Mr. Marggraff jots down some notes while talking with a visitor. As he speaks, the digital recorder inside the pen captures his voice. Once done, he taps the pen on a word he scribbled halfway down the page. The pen immediately begins to replay the conversation, starting from the point in time when Mr. Marggraff had written that word. He then skips back and forth in the audio simply by tapping the pen on different places on the page.

Looks like this is powerful as Amida Simputer. But lets wait and see…