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Interesting Keyboards March 31, 2006

Posted by Vasudevan in Technology news.

Fosfor gadgets came out with story on keyboards.
Interesting, but weirdest designs as they say 🙂

I liked the one below the most. To know more about it and others, click here.

However, if you have a low tolerance for frustration (and learning
to type in a new manner can be frustrating) then your best bet is to
stay flat and stick with a keyboard that’s a little more “common”.
” – Extreme Tech Review

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resurrection March 22, 2006

Posted by Vasudevan in My thoughts.
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As you expected, I was away from you all for the last couple of weeks. I know you must have missed me a lot 🙂 and for the same reason I’m committed to give you the reason why I was away.

Friends, I was in a solitude. I was trying to re-collect the manthraas (chants) which I used to be chanting since I’ve meatured. I was able to collate all that and now I’m back to shape as you used to feel me before. What I want to tell you now that I’ve started a new Blog. The objective of this Blog is to help people around the world to have a “peaceful living”. You must be wondering now that what kind of Tele Brands product/service am I trying to bring out! No friends, it’s all about some marketing tips for making your life peaceful.

Look, I don’t want to say more…. Start reading it from here.

The hottest technology for LARGE display on small handhelds March 3, 2006

Posted by Vasudevan in My thoughts, Technology news.
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As you must have noticed by now that I’m a die hard looker for LARGE displays for small mobile gadgets. True, I’m fanatic and always search for such an option. You know why? Whenever I travel long distance by train or bus, I used to hear songs using my Amida Simputer. It plays songs well and I always have a 128 MB Flask Stick (Chikki – Amida’s version) filled with lots of songs. Wah…. it used to be a very nice experience. Once I happened to view an video on Amida. Though the video application isn’t available for retail purchase, still I managed to get one. It run very well I was able to see 30 minutes video on it. Hm.. it was the video of my wedding and surprisingly I enjoyed it!

But I wasn’t quite happy to watch a video on a small screen. Though Amida has a 3.8″ screen (wider than most handhelds in its category), it wasn’t enough for me. Still I enjoyed watching my wedding video during my journey and I still do if given a chance. But defenitely on a much bigger screen. Since then I was searching for technologies to get a LARGE screen on a small device and the first to identify the iPod EyeBuds from eMargin Corp. Later, I discovered Myvu from Micro Optical Corporation and I said yesterday that I know one more technology which also deserves a review. I know most of you are anxiously patient to know about it and I do not want to take any further advantage on your patience. Let me start now.

Look at the below picture. Can you trust your eyes?

Polymer vision.jpg

Friends, you neither have to wash your eyes nor visit an eye specialist. It is true that a new display technology has arrived which has a potential to deliver a mobile phone (Just the size of the one that you currently have) with a paper like rollable display. All that you need to do is to stretch the display from your device if your need a bigger one and once you’ve finished with it, just release! The retractable system will send the display back to your mobile phone enclosure. The rollable display size could vary from 10″ to even 100 plus inches!

I dream about a day people coming to work only with their mobile phone and stretch the display of their mobile phone 30″ wide on their table and work. The organisation need to provide only a mobile phone with such rollable display and thats it. No PCs or laptops anymore. The industry were crying hard to get a large disply since many years, and now it is slowly getting delivered. What we need now is a powerful mobile phone (Equivalent or above to a PC in terms of computing) with 10+ hours battery power. Then I would be the first one to take such a device, no matter how much will it cost!

This rollable display technology is from Polymer vision, one of the first spin-outs from Philips Technology Incubator. This technology has won several awards including the SID 2005 Best Buzz Awards.

This technology is useful for many markets, predominantly at the Entertainment and Business world applications. Rich videos through wireless broadband can fetch a lot of consumers and it promises to be a business fortune for service providers.

Polymer Vision says ” As thin as paper, our technology enables the ultimate format for displays, the roll. When it is needed, it is there…when it isn’t, it rolls away to almost nothing

I stand for you Polymer vision and I will spread your words on rollable display. “It isn’t a science fiction, it is here now

So friends, lets wait for the first device with a rollable display to come. By looking at the potential of this technology, I’m certain that it isn’t so far…..

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