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WowPen: Wow…..!!! January 30, 2006

Posted by Vasudevan in My thoughts, Technology news.
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[MicroSoft] New technology for work: 5 hot products for 2006
5 new products that make work a little easier
Published: January 17, 2006
By S. E. Slack, author and technology expert

Couldn’t make it to the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las egas? That’s okay—I put on my running shoes and toured it to find the top five office items you won’t be able to live without in 2006.

With more than 2,500 exhibitors from 100 countries to review, it soon became obvious that a lot of them were simply putting a new twist on an old idea and trying to pass it off as a cool new “must have” for this year. I looked past the glitz and glamour right into the heart of the matter: If a product didn’t make your job at least a little easier, it didn’t make our list.

3. Wow-Pen
Maybe you’ve seen those pen devices that act as optical mice. I had, and I wasn’t impressed. Somehow, they just seemed a bit too awkward to use and the tiny tip was scratchy and irritating. But a little Korean company called Waawoo got me excited about a new product called the Wow-Pen Eco (and its corresponding wireless version, the Wow-Pen Traveler).

I too share your mind Mr. Slack. This product -WowPen – made me to wonder “Wow..!” Look at this product below, aren’t you getting excited?


It is a pen type digital accessory with all functions of a regular optical mouse. It’s innovative, proprietary cradle is designed to be used on our work desk, palm, cloth, laptop’s palm rest area etc. Further to this, this product can be used for handwritten inputs on almost any application using its embedded presentation software. In a nut shell, this could replace our existing mouse and could provide an additional functionality to write on any applications. Two-in-one, right?

The current versions are with wires (interface to PC/Laptop) and they have announced a wireless version to be launched soon. That will work in 2.4GHz RF communication even up to 50 meters.

They claim that they designed the product to fight against the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repeated Strees Injuries generally being the case with typical mice. The product has been certified by more than 7 bodies including ISO9001:2000/ ISO9001:2001/ISO14000.

A snapshot of this product’s usage for handwriting below.

wowpen demo.jpg

The organization behind this amazing product is Waawoo Technology Inc. – a Korean breed. Brief history of this company is here. Those who wantto know the specifications, please visit here. For purchasing this product, please visit their purchase room.

Mr. Slack and all other WowPen lovers, you can visit CeBIT 2006 exhibition in Hannovar, Germany during 9 – 15th March, 2006.WowPen may a dance with you!

From India to Germany, it costs a lot of money for me to meet you WowPen. You know, I die for you to experience you!

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I’m being honoured! January 27, 2006

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Very interesting and proud to notice the traffic in my Blog.
Folks, you won’t believe, I am getting 2-3 hits on an average on every day!
Thank you all for honouring me!

wordpress traffic.jpg

These good results are scaring me as well. Can I keep up my present readership and deliver more?
Trust me, I will do my best; and you too have to!

Between, no comment on any posts yet. I wonder, my posts are only worthy to read and not to comment?

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Apple again: This time with an end-to-end solution for education January 25, 2006

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Apple resembles Phoenix bird!

Apple was at the back seat for more than a decade with weak wings against a group of giant birds – Intel, Microsoft etc. But with iPod, Apple rose like a Phoenix bird and from then on it is heading towards creating histories in IT space.

Apple now preaches an end-to-end solution based on its retail success baby – iPod. The solution is for the education sector by providing a platform for creating, managing, distributing, and accessing educational content. This new mantra is “iTunes U”.

In their words….

iTunes U is a free, hosted service for colleges and universities that provides easy access to your educational content, including lectures and interviews 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s the most powerful way to manage a broad range of audio or video content and make it available quickly and easily to students, faculty, and staff. And it is the only application that supports the over whelmingly popular iPod. iTunes U also offers you the simplicity and mobility you expect from Apple because it is based on the same easy-to-use technology of iTunes Music Store

Through iTunes U, users can download content to their Macs or PCs regardless of their location. They can then listen to and view content on their Mac or PCor transfer that content to iPod for listening or viewing on the go.

They have been piloting this with Stanford and Michigan Universities. The below image is from their content management application – iTunes U – for Stanford University. If you wish to know what Michigan has done with iPod, click here.

iTunes_screen stanford.jpg

What I liked about Apple is their strategy for iPod. At first, they introduced iPod as a pure retail, lifestyle, must-have music playing gadget. It slowly picked up and beat all its competitors and established the iPod brand. Later they introduced video iPods and also a must have accessory – eye buds -for viewing the video virtually on a larger screen. I did blog this before here. Now they are heading to capture the most likely prospects of their product -students – with a better solution for delivering education content. And all this with an end-to-end tag, starting from creating, then distributing and then accessing the content.

I love this…. kodos to the marketing strategist at Apple. He is, I’m certain, a visionary person dreaming about a product whose life never ends!

I’m eager to get associated with a product company like Apple. I am certain that I am now!

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