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Amida Simputer based Bhoomi-Suggi project completes Fifth harvest season November 10, 2005

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Bangalore, October 19, 2005

Karnataka Government’s Bhoomi-Suggi project initiative with PicoPeta Simputers and Bharat Electronics has moved on to the 6th phase of cultivable land records data collection at Mysore District in the third quarter of this year. Almost 400 Village Accountants have been trained on this project in Mysore district alone with a total number crossing almost 800 in the state. The ease of use of the Simputer combined with the fact that the application is completely in Kannada have made it very easy for Village Accountants to become very comfortable in a very short time. About 200 Amida Simputers (version V3) have been deployed to collect the data of 6 harvest seasons till date.

The pilot was started in February 2003 to coincide with the crop harvesting activity of the Rabi season in 5 districts and scaled up to 8 districts by end of the year 2003. In the second half of 2004, the devices were concentrated into a single district Davangere to ascertain the dynamics of coordinated electronic data acquisition across an entire district.

In these field trials, the Village Accountants had to go to the Taluk office to transfer the collected data on to desktop PCs. (This is a considerable improvement over the earlier practice of manual data collection, followed by data entry into PCs involving delays upto a few months). In a quest to improve this further, the Revenue department expressed a need to augment the functionality to incorporate remote data transfer based on a dial-up connection. BEL and PicoPeta enabled this process by providing remote data transfer facility through a compact modem. The current phase of the pilot started at Mysore district in September this year and the Village accountants in this phase use the modem to update their data online. The accumulated results of this data collection are expected very soon.

PicoPeta’s Outdoor Computing technology and BEL’s expertise in deploying and supporting mass-usage technologies, has made the Bhoomi-Suggi project into a remarkable step in the State’s quest for effective e-governance.

Says Dr. Swami Manohar – CEO, PicoPeta Simputers, “We are proud and thankful to be part of the bold initiative of the Karnataka Government in utilizing indigenous technologies like the Amida Simputer in the prestigious Bhoomi project. We are confident that the success of this project will spur other State Governments to follow suit “.

The Karnataka Government is now planning to scale-up the project to reach all 9000 Village Accountants in the State.

About PicoPeta Simputers

PicoPeta Simputers was formed in 2001 by the co-inventors of Simputer. PicoPeta was quickly nominated as one of the 7 hottest academic start-ups in the world by the MIT Technology Review Magazine. PicoPeta Simputers is currently engaged in providing end-to-end Outdoor Computing Solutions around the Amida Simputer platform.